Johnson Controls VMA Digital Controller AP-VMA1410-0

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Johnson Controls  VMA Digital Controller  AP-VMA1410-0

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Johnson Controls  VMA Digital Controller  AP-VMA1410-0

The Johnson controls Variable Air Volume Modular Assembly (VMA) AP-VMA1410-0 is a configurable digital controller, and combines a controller, pressure sensor, and/or actuator housed in one pre-assembled unit.

Features and Benefits

The Johnson Controls AP-VMA1410-0 Integrated Module Includes controller, pressure sensor, and/or actuator, and is pre-assembled to reduce installation time. The enhanced actuator provides a fast response stepper motor that drives the damper from full open to close in 30 seconds.  Automated Commissioning uses Proportional Adaptive (P-Adaptive) and Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control (PRAC) for continuous loop tuning while advanced diagnostics offer damper stall detection, starved box detection, actuator motor duty cycle, VAV box flow test, and other diagnostics. Network communications enables integration into a Building Automation System (BAS) and easy configuration provides simple question/answer software format for quick selection of project-specific applications. Software addressing allows remote addressing and identification from a configuration tool.

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