Winter got you down? Cabin fever taking over? Well, grab your toolkit and fight back with a few easy home repairs that will fight the blues and get your home ready for spring.

Take a walk through the house and an inventory of every room. Odds are, you’ll find a few things that could use fixing. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Leaning towel rack or shaky toilet paper holder.

Unscrew the fixture and look for the cause of the problem. It’s probably a push-in plastic drywall anchor. Remove it and replace it with something more substantial like a toggle bolt. Threaded versions such as E-Z anchor will prove fairly easy to install.


  1. Squeaky hinges.

This is an easy fix by simply using powdered graphite along the pin where the hinge turns. If the door sticks, use a plane to remove a little bit of the wood, then touch up the paint so the surgery isn’t noticeable.


  1. Creaky floor boards.

Anti-squeek repair kits can be purchased and feature specially designed screws that are easy to conceal. A lost cost option is to dust a little talcum powder into the seam where the floorboards meet. The talcum acts as a lubricant for the boards as the rub against each other helping to eliminate the noise.


  1. Rusty shutoff valves.

Check the valves behind your sink and toilets for rust that may have gathered over time. This could cause them to not turn like they should when you need them most. Place a little machine oil or WD-40 on the handle shafts. Twisting the handles will work the oil in between the threads. Give the oil a couple hours to set in and then try again.


  1. Blistered paint on shower ceilings.

If you find this to be a problem in your bathroom, scrape off the old, flaking paint and recoat. Use a high-quality exterior-grade paint. In the future, make sure to make regular use of the bathroom vent to get rid of excess moisture.


  1. Loose handles or hinges on furniture, cabinets, and doors.

Most of these can simply be tightened with a screwdriver. However, if the screw just spins in place without tightening, you can make the hole fit the screw better by either gluing toothpicks into the hold to make it more snug or simply upgrading to a larger screw.


For more do it yourself (DIY) ideas or to find the tools you need to take care of your household projects, come check out our warehouse in Joplin, MO. We are the areas premiere liquidators and would love to help you find what you need to tackle these and other projects.