Well, Christmas is once again upon us and everywhere you look, you see decorations being put up in celebration of the season. There are trees, wreaths, ribbons and Christmas lights on in almost every store you see. You may not have decorated your home yet, and if so, you’re in luck. We have a great assortment of Christmas trees and other decorations available for the do it yourself (DIY) crowd. We’re certain we have something that’ll make your home just a little more jolly this season, allowing you to welcome in Christmas with a bang.

We also have a great assortment of stocking stuffers and other gift items available for purchase in our inventory. Since we buy discount merchandise and bankruptcy inventory, we’re able to buy things at cost or below from companies looking to sell in a hurry. We then pass these savings on to our customers allowing them to benefit from our good fortune. We have tools, furniture, electronics, home improvement gear and many other items at our warehouse. It’s a great place to find that perfect item for your loved ones at prices you can afford.

So if you’re in need of decorations or are just looking for a great gift this season, come visit our warehouse in Joplin, MO and let us know how we can help you.