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Trane 4 ton Air Handler TXV 410A 4TGB3F48

Trane 2 ton Variable Speed TXV 410A Air Handler 4TFE3F25

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Trane 2 ton Variable Speed TXV  410A Air Handler 4TFE3F25



Trane 2 ton Variable Speed TXV  410A Air Handler 4TFE3F25


Compared to a standard air handler, the 2/4TFE is designed to fit better into tight spaces. At a height of only 37-39 inches, the unit is easily installed over a hot water heater, or in a basement or attic. The 2/4TFE also includes a variable-speed motor for humidity control and enhanced comfort.

Trane 2/4TFE features

A perfect fit
The smaller size means more options for where your unit will fit and work best.

The Comfort-R™ difference
Trane’s exclusive Comfort-R feature available in the variable-speed model represents the ultimate in comfort. Most standard air handlers have only three fan speeds. Ours has twelve. The result? More consistent temperatures, greater humidity control and better comfort.

Trane 2/4TFE specifics
Every Trane air handler is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The 2/4TFE includes:

  • Variable-speed fan motor

  • Easy fit compact Air-Tite™ cabinet–only 39" tall

  • Easy Access Control Box and Filter Doors

  • Composite, No-Leak, Rust-Resistant Drain Pan

  • Easy-Clean Coil and Drain Pan

  • Corrosion-Resistant Finish

  • Insulated cabinet

  • Extra-Large Coil Surface

  • Fully Gasketed Door

  • /4TFE air handler models

    Model Nominal Cooling Capacity (BTUH) Nominal Tons Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.)
    2TFE3F25B1D05A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4
    2TFE3F25B1D08A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4
    2TFE3F25B1D10A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4
    4TFE3F25B1D05A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4
    4TFE3F25B1D08A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4
    4TFE3F25B1D10A 25,000 2.5 39 22 19.4