Cricket Carts | Joplin MO

Cricket SX3 | $4,499.99 + Tax

The Cricket SX3 Electric Sport Vehicle features a 36-volt system that gives you more speed than our ESV, features a sport steering wheel and accelerator pedal for easier operation and handling, and rear shocks for even greater passenger comfort and ride stability!

The totally-electric Cricket SX3 is the perfect blend of form and function. It’s easy to handle, easy to stow inside almost any larger vehicle, and even easy to carry on a lightweight rear platform on RVs, as well as inside most small campers, pickups, and SUVs.

The SX3 weighs only 303 pounds and it can easily fold down to just 28 inches in height! The cart is only 32 inches wide, and it can fit below any RV camper or on a carrier platform. The prices are low, but the convenience and performance are high!

Cricket RX5 | $5,299.99 + Tax

The new Cricket RX5 is the latest Innovation from the Cricket Carts team! These electric carts, like all our Crickets, can fit into nearly any vehicle, from RVs to Pickup trucks, from vans to SUVs! However, what makes the RX5 unique in the Cricket family is not only its sleek new rounded design (which comes in multiple colors), but also its advanced front end suspension. The RX5 is the smoothest riding Cricket to date, and with variable add-ons such as the cart tops, weather shields and remote controls, you can customize your RX5 for any occasion!

RV enthusiasts and campers absolutely love the convenience that the RX5 provides, Equestrian athletes can use the RX5 to swiftly travel around events, then store it away in their horse trailers when not in use! As always, anyone can enjoy the RX5, even for leisurely rides around the park or neighborhood, this Cricket is a versatile and affordable electric cart for all occasions!