Cricket Carts | Joplin MO

Cricket ESV | $2,999.00 

+ Tax

When you need to travel around your campground with ease, get to the beach on time, or make your way around a vacation resort, the Cricket ESV is the only portable vehicle you will need. These electric carts can fit in motorhomes, in the back of a pickup, or even in most SUV or crossover vehicles. RV enthusiasts and campers absolutely love the convenience that this mini golf cart model provides. 

This Mini Golf Cart is Perfect For A Variety of People & Applications

Equestrian & Horse Enthusiasts 

The Cricket seats two adults comfortably and is extremely quiet and very easy to maneuver around at all kinds of equestrian events. It’s also handy around campgrounds, boat docks, marinas, lakeside developments, resort areas, and residential communities. It is easy to roll, lift or drive this Cricket cart into a 7-foot-wide horse trailer. 
  • Professional Horsemen and Women
  • Rodeo and Horse Show Performers
  • Quarter Horse Races
  • Barrel Racers

Are You A Hunter Or Shooter? This Cricket Cart Is Perfect For You!

The all-new Cricket Shooter is perfect for scooting from stand-to-stand on the range. The Cricket Shooter secures up to four shotguns and can carry up to 600 pounds. If you’re a hunter or you are interested in target practice, this electric-powered vehicle is essential for any trip to the woods. Choose the camouflage design for your cart and go into stealth mode while you zip from place to place. 

Cricket SX-3 | $3,999.00 + Tax

The Cricket SX-3 Electric Sport Vehicle now comes with X power. This is a 36-volt system that gives you more speed than before, features a sport steering wheel and accelerator pedal for easier operation and handling, and rear shocks for even greater passenger comfort and ride stability.

The totally-electric Cricket SX-3 is the perfect blend of form and function. It’s easy to handle, easy to stow inside almost any larger vehicle, and even easy to carry on a lightweight rear platform on RVs as well as inside most small campers, pickups, and SUVs.
The SX-3 weighs only 303 pounds and it can easily fold down to just 28 inches. This RV golf cart model is only 32 inches wide, and it can fit below any RV camper or on a carrier platform. The prices are low, but the convenience and performance are high! 

Our RV Golf Cart Proves That Great Things Come In Small Packages

You can go green with all-electric power! The SX-3 Cricket cart is practical, innovative, and highly rated for all types of applications and uses. Check out the vibrant colors you can choose from to customize your Cricket cart! Plus, you can even go in stealth mode the next time you hunt or bird watch when you choose the camouflage design for your specialty vehicle.