It’s the question every handyman and homeowner ask themselves before a DIY home renovation: how much can I actually do myself? Weekend warriors, handymen, and DIY lovers unite! If your home is screaming for a redo, read on to find out when you should leave it to a pro and when you should get your hands dirty.

DIY: Light Demolition

Although large-scale renovations usually call for the help of a professional team, light demolition is certainly doable as a DIY project. Taking down unwanted cabinets, fixtures, appliances, tile, molding, and pulling up carpet and floorboards should be a project anyone who is handy with a few tools should be able to do without the help of a professional.

Call the Pros: Risky Projects

If a project has the potential to seriously harm you or damage your home, let the pros handle it. Any projects that involve your home’s main electrical lines, natural gas pipes, asbestos removal, roofing repairs, and gas appliance repairs should (usually) be off limits to your DIY project list. Proceed with caution and know your limits.

If you have some experience in one of these areas, proceed cautiously, and don’t be afraid to call for back up if you need help – it’s better than getting shocked or causing an explosion. A good rule of thumb to follow is: is your town has mandated safety codes, you might be in over your head.

DIY: Painting, Small Fixtures, and Materials

You can save a ton of money by purchasing your own paint, fixtures, materials, and equipment. Projects like tiling, flooring, cabinetry, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, light fixtures, doors and painting are DIY friendly and can cut back on your home renovation’s price tag in the end.

When shopping for materials, look for bargain-oriented stores. Storefronts like Freeman Liquidators buy equipment, appliances, and other parts from a liquidation sale and in return get to sell the products at a marked-down price.

Call the Pros: Structure Damage Repairs

An everyday homeowner should steer clear of messing with any structural elements of their house. Older homes, especially, require repairs to their structure that will be too tricky for most DIY-ers. Look for professional help when tearing down walls, converting roof space, or when messing with anything else that may affect the structural integrity of your home.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider when deciding whether a home renovation project would be better left to the pros is how much experience you have. If it isn’t worth your time or effort to work on this yourself, call a home remodel team you can trust.

When you do decide to take on a home renovation project yourself, visit our storefront in Joplin, MO for the best prices for all your DIY project needs. Just come on in and let us know you are starting a DIY project. We look forward to helping you.