Whether you are experienced with DIY projects or are a beginner, these home improvement suggestions are a quick and efficient way to improve the quality of your home. Spring is the season to organize and prepare the home for the rest of the year.

Enhance Your Front Entry

Your front entry is a guest’s first impression, and is the centerpiece of your entry. If the door is worn and outdated, consider replacing it with something new. Or, do some repainting if the door is in good condition but needs a little extra flair. Add some different types of greenery with varying heights to energize an entry. Accessories such as nontraditional mats and outdoor tables aren’t only functional, they can accent the entry’s design. Try installing new lighting to compliment your entry, or perhaps replace the house number with something new.

Reduce Clutter

When reducing clutter in your home, remember to start slow and work your way up. If you try to conquer the whole house at once, you will likely be overwhelmed and not very productive. Not only will eliminating clutter make your home look more appealing, it has also been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Keep all of the cleaning supplies in an easy-to-grab location; this will remind you to stay on task. Hanging up a shoe organizer on the bathroom door is a great way to store cosmetic and hygiene supplies. Try labeling some storage bins for clothes, blankets, towels, etc. If your pantry is a mess, organize everything into specific categories so you know where to look. Start donating on a regular basis and keep a bin around to place your items in. Sometimes a change in perspective is all that you need when deciding to get rid of things, so look at your home through the eyes of a critical guest. If something doesn’t add value to your home, simply remove it.


Have you grown tired of the same old wall colors that have been there for years? Take a weekend and do some painting. Think about using bright, lively colors that will elevate your mood and give your home a trendy edge. If you’re unsure of what colors to use, paint companies now offer samples that can be applied to your wall or a board of form-core. Prior to painting, be sure to clean the walls, tape the trim and frames, and prime the walls. Open some windows in the room you’re painting in so you don’t breathe any toxic fumes.

Make Your Kitchen Pop

The heart of your home should always be clean and updated. Add some new light fixtures that are energy efficient to brighten up your kitchen. Replace your kitchen faucet and cabinet door handles with something a little more modern. Invest in a heavy-duty dish rack, and pick one that is stylish since it will usually be sitting on your counter. If you already have shelf liners, replace them with a liner that is new and non-stick; this will give you the opportunity to reorganize shelves as well.