It can be difficult knowing where to start when building your tool arsenal. Some people will tell you all you need is a hammer to get things going, but there are countless power tools out there that demand your attention. Power tools are essential for many projects and jobs that the average handyman will encounter. Take a look below at these five power tools that are a welcome addition to any toolbox.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a multipurpose tool that is a necessity for any handyman. This drill is used for drilling holes in metal, wood, concrete, stone, brick, and more. There are different types and lengths of drill bits that are used for various projects. Cordless drills are much more convenient than ordinary corded drills, allowing free range of motion all over the house or job site. The speed can be adjusted on a cordless drill depending the on type of hole you want to drill. Purchasing additional batteries will grant you more freedom, as they can be recharged and replaced.


The jigsaw is a tool that cuts shapes into wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. You can purchase different types of blades depending on the material that is being cut. Jigsaws allow you to create curved profiles like circles that can be cut into sheet material. If you need to make long cuts to timber, a jigsaw has double the power and large teeth that make it the most capable option. The trigger has a variable speed setting that allows you to further customize your cut. A jigsaw comes in handy for any creative project.

Circular Saw

This type of saw is essential if you’re cutting straight through anything, such as sheets of timber. The difference between a circular saw and a jigsaw is that a circular saw is more rigid and gives you more of a square cut. It can cut through boards quicker than a jigsaw due to its large teeth. Circular saws can either be hand-held or table-mounted, and are perfect for reducing the size of lumber or table legs.


Sanders can be used to remove paint, smooth out timber, and sanding metal. The two main types of sanders are belt sanders and orbital sanders. A belt sander removes material quickly because the belt sheds sawdust and isn’t easily clogged. The downside to belt sanders is that the curved rollers make it hard to sand in a corner. Orbital sanders use sandpaper sheets that allow you to sand into corners with ease, although they tend to clog quicker than a belt sander.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench has the same function as a regular wrench, except it does everything better and more efficiently. Impact wrenches deliver high torque output that is great for automobile repairs, product assembly, and equipment maintenance. An impact wrench will securely tighten nuts and bolts the first time, so you don’t have to continually tighten them as they become loose over time.