Wholesale liquidation companies are a great place to spend your Saturday shopping. They offer a multitude of products that have been drastically discounted while retaining their original condition. Do-it-yourself connoisseurs flock to wholesale liquidators due to their plethora of materials and products that are suitable for any job. Whether you’re a DIY pro or simply an average shopper, wholesale liquidators can save you money and time when you’re out shopping.

What is Wholesale Liquidation?

A wholesale liquidation carries products you encounter on a day-to-day basis. These products are brand new and in excellent condition, yet they are purchased for a reduced price. Liquidators buy products in bulk from inventory that has been involved in situations such as insurance loss or a store closeout. This allows a liquidation company to carry a massive selection of items that can be over 50% cheaper than their retailer counterparts. Just because an item is available at a reduced cost from another source doesn’t mean it’s lower in quality, and is generally identical to a version you would find at a retailer.

Inventory Sources

Wholesale liquidators purchase items in bulk from a variety of sources. Bankruptcy inventory is purchased when a retailer or factory has financial trouble and files for bankruptcy. Items that have been involved in minor cargo or freight damage and can still be used are usually purchased by a liquidation company and inspected. Insurance loss merchandise comes from a business or factory that has filed for an insurance claim and been reimbursed for a loss. This inventory is able to purchased by a liquidation company at a reduced price. Lastly, any surplus assets that a business or individual is trying to get rid of can be bought by a liquidator.

Product Variety

Liquidation companies carry tons of useful products, and you would have to visit numerous different stores to buy them at a regular price. They carry household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, and dishwashers that are discounted and perfect for a kitchen remodel project. If you’re considering a home or business remodel, liquidators carry wood products like hardwood, paneling, trim, and lumber. Plumbing jobs require specialty products you can find at liquidation stores such as replacement faucets and sinks. Having problems with your HVAC and need new parts, or want a complete replacement? Wholesale liquidators offer heat pumps, a/c condensers, and other parts that will help you complete the job. Instead of going to a local hardware shop, try visiting a liquidator for any hand tools or power tools you may need. If you’re looking for heavy equipment and vehicles for a major job, liquidators often carry trailers, forklifts, and more.