It seems like the number of people who are into “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects is growing every day. Part of this is due to the customization of television shows across so many channels, and the explosion of social media across a wide variety of communication platforms. There really is something for everybody and no matter what you’re into, you can find someone showing you how to build it, refurbish and restore it, or design it.

Top Three Tools You’ll Need For a Home Improvement Project

1. Measuring Tape

Not just any old measuring tape will do. This is one of those ‘a DIYers best mate’ sorts of situations as a good measuring tape is a lifetime partner. You want one that will not only endure a fall from the top of the garage you are converting into a 4th bedroom, but actually enjoy it. It also needs to be technologically advanced enough that it has a switch that stops the tape from retracting back into its home. There are few tools you will use more often or with such love and affection as your measuring tape.

2. Pliers

Pliers tend to sound like Harry Potter creatures, such as the slip joint, snub nose and needle nose pliers, or the crimping and pincer pliers. However, they are not fictional goblins but some of the most useful tools you will own. Head straight for a needle nose plier first, as these are great for holding wires or other things in a tight space.

3. Saw

Do you go the handsaw or table/circular saw? Well, you go both. A handsaw is fantastic for small, specific jobs. A Japanese saw cuts by pulling, which is great for small scale jobs with little space available, while Western saws do the opposite. Circular saws or table saws are fantastic for repetitive jobs and sawing wood quickly and precisely to size.

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