As we progress from winter towards the warmer spring months, some of the more adventurous among us may decide to launch into a home improvement, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. While the idea of renovating a home can mean different things to different people, a few simple guidelines can help move you towards the right path in your quest to renovating your home.

Make Your Plan

Before you do anything else, sit down and think about just what you want to accomplish and the path you’re going to take in order to do so. This means thinking about the time and materials required and what you have available in your budget for new projects.

The Budget

When making your budget, be sure to do some research on what your project (or similar projects) cost. Once you have an idea, go ahead and set aside another 10 or 20 percent to cover any unexpected costs that may creep up along the way.

Check Your Insurance

Before you begin a project, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent to discuss how your proposed renovation might affect the value of your home. Once completed, you might want to have a subsequent conversation to evaluate your current coverage plan and discuss any additional protection that may be necessary.

Get Your Permits

Many municipalities require permits to ensure the work being done is up to code and allowed in your particular neighborhood or living area. Make sure you know the most current inspection rules and that your construction complies with the latest regulations.

Gather Materials

Once you have the necessary permits and permissions, begin gathering the materials, tools and other items needed for your project, whether it’s wood, plumbing supplies or wire for work involving electronics.

Start the Work

Once you have all the materials necessary, begin doing the work necessary for your home renovation. If space is being added, you’ll most likely need to start with framing. This is a great time to add any doors or windows that may be necessary along the way.

With your framed walls in place, you’ll be able to tackle the finer details of the job such as electrical wiring, insulation installation and any other work necessary before adding the drywall.

Once your drywall has been added and finished, you’ll finally be able to paint the walls, add cabinets and install the flooring.

With this all being done, you’ll finally be able to sit back and enjoy the finished product. While you may decide to rest on your laurels and enjoy the fruits of your labors, you may be inspired to take on new projects based on the experience you gain during this process. You’ll begin to notice other things around your home you want to repair, replace or remodel. If this was your first home renovation project, you’ll now be able to proceed with confidence, knowing you have the skills necessary to complete the task at hand.

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