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Gray Interior Tub
Energy Star® Certified
56 dba
Certified Sanitary Rinse
1 Hour Wash Cycle

Clean Dishes Without Scrubbing
The24″ built-in dishwasher has the cleaning power you need to get the dishes done right. Designed to do all the scrubbing, soaking and rinsing for you, this dishwasher is perfect for families on the go and homebodies alike. Pressurized spray nozzles pack in the extra cleaning power, while the water filter ensures that you’re only cleaning your dishes with the cleanest water around. Get more dishes done while spending less time in the kitchen with the  built-in dishwasher.
TV Watching Quiet
This dishwasher runs at a gentle 56 decibels, quiet enough that it won’t disturb dinner or movie night for your family. Toss in a load of dishes morning, noon or night without worrying about noise.
Fits All the Dishes
With enough room for 10 place settings, this dishwasher can handle it all, from week night meals to small dinner parties. A removable upper rack makes it easy to fit larger pots, pans or casserole dishes with ease.
Cleans Your Dishes Right
This dishwasher uses pressurized spray nozzles to blast off stuck-on foods so you don’t have to soak, scrub or scrape. The UltraWash® HE Wash System ensures that your dishes are cleaned with filtered, clear water and traps debris throughout each cycle for sparkling clean plates, glasses and cookware.
Dishes Done Your Way
Need clean dishes in a hurry? Toss a load on the 1-hour wash cycle for clean dishes ready for dinner. The Sanitize Rinse cycle is perfect for nixing up to 99.999% of household bacteria, so you can wash bottles, baby toys and more with confidence. The Heated Dry option gets dishes nice and dry so you won’t have to tip out water or wipe down the plates.
Gray Interior Tub
Energy Star® Certified
Includes 2 Small Silverware Baskets With Lids