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Lenze AC Tech SMD series AC Inverter for 0.25kW (0.33HP) 230V three phase motor in VxF control to 1.7A. Converts fixed frequency single phase 230V input to variable frequency three phase 230V to control the speed of a standard AC Induction motor.

Size A1: 93mm Wide x 83mm Deep x 146mm High. IP20.
Weight: 0.5kg.

Overload: 150% x 60 seconds
Speed Control Range: 0-500Hz
Braking: No Dynamic Braking

Integrated Keypad, 1 Analogue Input, 4 Digital Inputs, 1 Relay Contact set.
Input Current: 3.4A
Input Voltage: 200-240V Single Phase ±10% at 50-60Hz ±3%
EMC Compliance: IEC EN 61800-3 Category C2 (Industrial and restricted Domestic).

Cubicle mount.
Rated 40°C Ambient.
Ventilation space in front: [not specified], above and below: 50mm, at sides: 15mm.
Heat Loss at max output: [not specified] Mounting via holes at rear for 4 x M4 screws on 84mm x 111mm centres.



CTN 20