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Martin 50BB25H 3/4, SPK Idler Ball Bearing, Factory New - NEW IN BOX - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]

Martin 50BB25H 3/4, SPK Idler Ball Bearing, Factory New - NEW IN BOX

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50BB25H 3/4, SPK Idler Ball Bearing, Factory New - NEW IN BOX


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    • Martin idlers are smooth-running and available in oil-impregnated, sintered bronze, extra-duty bearing press-fitted in sprocket and a hardened steel journal case for maximum resistance to wear.
    • Steel sprockets used in Martin idlers are accurately machined (not stamped) the same as sprockets normally supplied for power transmission use.
    • Martin can also alter existing sprockets and install bearings to make custom idlers.
    • Can be used to change the direction of chain motion or to adjust chain tension


    Sprocket Material Steel
    Chain Number 50
    Chain / Sprocket Type Idler
    Bearing Type Ball Bearing
    Bore Diameter 0.7500 in
    Bore Type Bearing
    Hardened Teeth Hardened Teeth
    Number of Teeth 25
    Number of Strands Across 1
    Pitch 0.6250 in
    Pitch Diameter 4.9870 in
    Outside Diameter 5.3200 in
    Hub Diameter 2.5450 in
    Length Through Bore 0.6100 in
    Chain Roller Diameter 0.4000 in
    Chain Roller Width 0.3750 in
    Caliper Diameter 4.5770 in
    Tooth Thickness 0.3430 in
    Surface Treatment Protective Coating
    Storage Dimension Height 0.8100 in
    Storage Dimension Width 5.5625 in
    Storage Dimension Length 5.5625 in
    Additional Details Chain Tightener Part #E5006
    Includes Chain Tightener Part #E5006
    Weight 1.50 lbs
    Manufacturer UPC Number 697950339870