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Goodman 80% AFUE 100,000 BTU 2 Stage Upflow Variable Speed Gas Furnace GMVC81005C

Goodman - 40,000 BTU - Furnace - 80% AFUE - Upflow/Horizontal - Multi-Speed GMS80403AN

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Goodman  - 40,000 BTU - Furnace -  80% AFUE -  Upflow/Horizontal - Multi-Speed GMS80403AN


Fuel Type To create heat, some form of fuel is required. Fuel Type specifies what the product uses as an input to create heat.

Natural Gas

Vent Type Products that use combustion (burning) of fuel to create heat also create potentially dangerous gasses that need to be exhausted (AKA "Vented"). Depending on the product, venting can be done via a chimney, through a side wall, or use a second vent to provide fresh air to the appliance.

Chimney Vent

Modulating/Staging Stages are unique speeds or levels that equipment can operate at. More stages allow for better fine-tuned control of output, which improves comfort and efficiency. Modulating equipment can operate across a range of levels, giving the highest level of fine-tuned control. Learn More

Single Stage

Blower Type Blower type describes the motor that powers the fan in the unit. PSC multi-speed is the standard motor that operates with pre-set fan speed levels. ECM multi-speed are more efficient but still operate with pre-set fan speeds. Finally, ECM variable-speed motors are also energy efficient and automatically adjust to changing system conditions.

PSC Multi-Speed

 Orientation describes the direction that air will flow through a piece of equipment. (e.g. air will flow horizontally through a "Horizontal" unit heater.) Most equipment will only function properly if installed in the proper orientation. 





Nominal Heating Capacity

40000 BTU

 High Fire Input

40000 BTU

 High Fire Output

32000 BTU

 AFUE  AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) measures the efficiency of combustion equipment over the entire heating season, and is calculated by dividing the amount of energy that is actually heating your home by the total energy contained in the fuel used by the boiler/furnace. Learn More 

80 %

Maximum Air Flow

1200 CFM

 Electrical Data


115 Volts




60 Hz

Minimum Circuit Ampacity

8.1 Amps

Recommended Breaker Size

15 Amps