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Harmony XVUC25, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, orange, 60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC - NEW IN BOX - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]

Harmony XVUC25, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, orange, 60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC - NEW IN BOX

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Harmony XVUC25, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, orange, 60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC - NEW IN BOX


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  • This orange illuminated unit is designed as an accessory to be connected with base and create complete tower light. It is supplied with 24V AC/DC and has a mounting diameter of 60mm. Its integral LED offers a steady light, allowing it to clearly display the status of your machines. In applications such as automotive, machine tool, material handling, packaging, assembly stations, conveyors. It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant thanks to its IP65. It makes it ideal for operation in harsh environments.


    range of product Harmony XVU
    product or component type Modular tower light
    beacon or indicator bank unit type LED unit
    mounting diameter 60 mm
    component name XVU
    light source LED, orange
    device application Packaging machine
    Machine tools
    signalling type Steady
    assembly style Customer assembly, up to 5 units
    Up to 4 units with buzzer
    material PC (polycarbonate) V-2 conforming to UL 94
    PC (polycarbonate) V-0 conforming to UL 94
    [Us] rated supply voltage 24 V AC/DC
    maximum power dissipation in W 2 W
    current consumption <= 40 mA
    signalling type Steady
    length 50 mm
    net weight 0.064 kg
    product certifications CSA
    ambient air temperature for storage -40…70 °C
    IP degree of protection IP65
    ambient air temperature for operation -25…50 °C
    vibration resistance 2 gn
    Packing Units
    Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
    Number of Units in Package 1 1
    Package 1 Weight 145.0 g
    Package 1 Height 9.0 cm
    Package 1 width 13.3 cm
    Package 1 Length 9.1 cm
    Unit Type of Package 2 PAL
    Number of Units in Package 2 192
    Package 2 Weight 35.84 kg
    Package 2 Height 60.0 cm
    Package 2 width 80.0 cm
    Package 2 Length 70.0 cm
    Unit Type of Package 3 S03
    Number of Units in Package 3 24
    Package 3 Weight 3.68 kg
    Package 3 Height 30.0 cm
    Package 3 width 30.0 cm
    Package 3 Length 40.0 cm