Well hello out there buckaroos! Whether you’re a city slicker or a John Wayne type, it’s time to visit your favorite liquidator store in good old Joplin, Mo. It seems the store has acquired a limited supply of both english and western saddles. We are very happy to add these saddles to our already vast assortment of quality merchandise.

What’s the big difference between the two styles of saddle? Well ask no more, we are experts when it comes to such liquidated products. The western saddle is much heavier and tougher than english saddles because they were designed for working long days on the ranch chasing cattle, they are typically built from top quality raw hide leather and fiberglass. The english saddle was originally designed as a lighter saddle, this was used for jumping and show pony competitions. These saddles were designed ┬áto be smaller to help the horse jump higher and be more comfortable for the rider.

What’s the best way to maintain and clean my saddle? Well listen up butter cup, we are about to give you gold! First off, you must keep your saddle dry at all times. Remember that leather is like skin, it has pores that can absorb moisture and eventually cause the saddle to flak, crack, and break down. You must make sure it is bone dry before you apply any conditioners and oils for cleaning. Second, you should wipe off all dust and grime and apply oil to the hide once every two months. After the oil is implemented you should use a beeswax conditioner and soap to add the finishing touches. To be extra thorough, regularly check the stitches especially under the billets to make sure the saddle is in tact. Now you should be fit as a fiddle!

As a liquidator, we may sell discounted merchandise with competitive deals, but along with quantity we also focus on quality products. This is why we enjoy taking time to inform our loyal and new customers about all of our merchandise. So if you are on the hunt for some top quality products come see us at the best liquidation warehouse in Joplin, MO. Please call us at 417-626-8208 for more details. We look forward to helping you very soon.