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A Guide On When To Replace 3 Essential Kitchen Appliances

After living in a home for several years, we all know that our appliances tend to start giving out in one way or another. Sometimes they can be a quick repair with help from a handyman and sometimes they can require a costly replacement. When it comes to appliances that you use almost every day, they usually have a lifetime of about 10-15 years. If you start to notice your appliances acting up, it certainly might be time to consider replacing them.

We have gathered a list of essential appliances and their guesstimated life-span as a guide for you to know when it may be time to replace rather than try to repair. Let’s take a look at how long most major appliances will last in your kitchen.

The Refrigerator.

We figured we would start with the most important appliance in the home. Your refrigerator is an absolute necessity, so it is important to monitor it more closely than others to ensure that it is always running properly. There are a couple of signs you can look for on your fridge to know if it is starting to slow down. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Has it become extra noisy?
  2. Is there a buildup of frost in your freezer?
  3. Is your fridge hot to touch on the backside of it?
  4. Is your food going back before the expiration date?
  5. Is there noticeable condensation everywhere?

These signs can be hard to ignore, especially if you are seeing the frost buildup and watching your perfectly dated food start to go bad before the expiration date. Your first thought may be to get it repaired. It is important to note that while repairs are sometimes the answer, they can also cost up to the mid-hundreds to fix. We recommend weighing your options. If your repair is almost shy of just buying a completely new refrigerator, perhaps you should just stop into Freeman Liquidators and purchase a brand-new one instead of trying to maintain the old.

The Dishwasher.

We all love a working dishwasher, don’t we? As we know they can cut your clean up time almost in half and sometimes even cut costs on your water bill by using the energy-efficient models. You won’t want to lose this helpful little machine, so it is important to remember that they only tend to last for about nine years. If your machine is reaching the dying age, it’s time to start shopping for a new one. We recommend purchasing brand-new so that you are almost guaranteed that you won’t have to buy another for at least nine years.

The Stove

With your all-in-one stovetop and oven, comes great news. This appliance tends to last for about 14 years before it needs to be replaced. They tend to be easily repaired as they are super sturdy and have quite a bit of life years in them. They are also usually easily repairable if you like to try and fix things on your own, and most repairs are low cost. It may be time to look into repairing your stove if the top of your burners is cracking, if it is producing the right level of heat or if the controls are not working.

In Summary

Although most appliances can be repaired, we recommend replacing them if they are getting close to their life expectancy date or if the repairs would cost you more than 50% of the cost to just replace the whole thing. This is true for all appliances. However, don’t wait until your appliance is nearly on its deathbed before you decide to shop for a new one. Come by and see us at Freeman Liquidators where we have a large variety of brand-new kitchen appliances waiting for you!

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