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How To Check If Your Furnace Is Working

As the colder weather approaches, have you checked to see if your furnace is ready for winter? Before it gets too chilly out, follow these steps to examine if your furnace is working properly.

First, make sure you have cleaned around the area where your furnace is located. Over the year, clutter and debris tend to pile up around your furnace. Before you turn it on, you’ll want to make sure you have tidied up the area to prevent any fire hazards.

Next, make sure you have checked your air filters by shutting off the circuit breaker at the main electrical panel that is providing power to your furnace. More than likely, when the seasons changed from winter to spring, you probably shut your furnace off and forgot about it. Over the last winter, your air filters worked hard to keep you warm and chances are they haven’t been changed in a while. If you have dirty filters, be sure to change them out so that you won’t be limiting your airflow this winter.

Now that you have cleared the area and checked the filters, it’s time to test your furnace out to make sure it’s working. Restore the power, turn the furnace on, and check your thermostat while it’s running. Oh, No! After 20 minutes of running, your thermostat shows zero changes in temperature. What do you do now?

Well, it appears it’s time to change your furnace, and we’ve got great news for you. Freedman Liquidators has several furnaces in stock now. If you’d like to browse our collection of heaters, come visit our warehouse in Joplin, MO, and let us help you make this winter a warm one.

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