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Understanding Liquidation Sales: Benefits of Buying From a Liquidator

Every year, hundreds of companies go into liquidation, which is the process of winding up a firm by selling off its free assets to pay the firm’s unsecured creditors. Freeman Liquidators is a product store, offering many of the same products you buy every day—at a lower price. Freeman Liquidators gets to sell products at a lower price because we buy things in bulk: inventory from commercial insurance loss, damaged cargo, store closeout, or new shelf pulled stock are some of the most popular incidents we buy from.

Besides getting the best deals on products you love, here are a few more reasons you should buy from a liquidator.

Discount Merchandise, Perfect Quality

While this may vary depending on the liquidation sale, Freeman Liquidators has made our name due to the fact that all products in our store or warehouse are new. Every single item has been inspected by our team of expert liquidators and the quality is guaranteed.

Some folks are hesitant when they think of liquidation or wholesales because they think that the products have been damaged in some way. While we do have some inventory of product that have been involved in cargo or freight damage, much of our inventory comes from bankruptcy, insurance loss, or surplus.

All Items Are Guaranteed

Again, this will vary depending on your liquidator (are you starting to notice that Freeman Liquidators is special?) Every single item we have in our inventory has a 30 day guarantee—MINIMUM. HVAC parts carry a one year warranty and air conditioning compressors have a five year warranty. Even better? Most of our products carry the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Lay-Away Options Are Available

Freeman Liquidators offers a 60 day lay-away program with 25% down on purchases over $50.00. This is great for all seasons, but this is an especially helpful service that our customers appreciate during the holidays.

The Thrill of Finding the Best Deals

Finding and buying liquidated products is an exciting shopping experience. Many customers enjoy the thrill of finding the absolute best deals on everything from furniture and appliances to tools, toys and electronics. This process is so easy for our shoppers because we have become a name you can trust. At Freeman Liquidators, what you see is what you get: top notch products and customer service.

If you are ready to start shopping for the best deals for your home remodel or DIY project, we have the tools to help you. From electricians and plumbers, to the handyman and the bargain shopper, come one, come all! Our liquidators sell discount merchandise from our main store or warehouse in Joplin, MO, but our customer list keeps growing and growing. We have appreciated clients come from Miami and Tulsa, OK, Rogers and Bentonville, AR, Springfield, MO, and their consensus is—Freeman Liquidators has the best product line, the best guarantees, and the best prices. Come shop with us today!

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