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(10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]
(10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, (10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, (10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]

(10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade

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(10 PACK) SHAVIV 151-29021 B10 HSS Blade


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More Information
Model # 151-29212
Blade Type B10
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Type Deburring Blade
Blade Material High Speed Steel
Hardness 58 to 60 RC
Hole Chamfering No
Prop. 65 Yes
Style Light Duty Style B
Weight 0.0022 lbs.



Get the Best Finishing Touch With SHAVIV Light Duty Deburring Blades. B Series of Light-duty deburring tools from Shaviv are designed specifically for regular deburring operations. The blades are about 2.6mm thick and come in different geometries ranging from B10 to B70. Light-duty swivel hand deburring blades allow for a fast, effective and efficient way of deburring holes, slots and edges. The Shaviv B Series deburring blades are made from high quality steel and the cutting surface is coated with Cobalt, TiN, Carbide, or Diamond for extra hard applications & longer tool life. Adapting to various handling/inspecting operations of a modern machining assembly line, Shaviv deburring blades come in different configurations, so as to easily reach every location on the workpiece where a burr must be removed. Shaviv is proud to offer the most versatile line of manual Deburring tools. Nearly 8 variants of HSS blades are available to suit your specific application. Some blades are specially designed for right hand or left hand operation. Shaviv by Vargus Ltd. is a well-acknowledged leader in hand deburring tools. Vargus is a member of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a conglomerate headquartered in Germany. Since 1960, Vargus has been a prominent supplier of cutting & finishing tools to metalworking & plastics industries.


  • SHAVIV deburring blades are interchanges.
  • Solid carbide deburring blade works on workpiece range: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Hardened Steel, Plastics, Wood, Carbide, Brass.
  • B10 - HSS Blade for straight and hole edge deburring.
  • B20 - HSS Blade for straight and hole edge deburring. Blade design allows clockwise and anti-clockwise movement.
  • B30 - HSS Blade for Cross-Hole and both edges. Blade will simultaneously deburr the inside and outside of the hole. For use on holes up to 4mm thick.
  • B60 - HSS Blade for deburring back edges on holes, will remove burrs from the back edge of holes up to 20mm thick.


  • Solid carbide deburring blade ideal for Straight Edge & Hole Edge.
  • Ideal for all plastic materials and soft metals.
  • Ideal for scraping and parting line flashing, for external sharp edges and for removing burrs on both sides of sheet material.
  • SHAVIV deburring blades are the choice of leading companies in the die & mold, automotive, aviation, plastics, electronics assembly, piping and other industries.


  • Swivel head light duty deburring tool.
  • Deburring blades with 2.6 mm thickness.
  • Available in varying blade geometry B10, B12, B20, B30, B32, B50, B60, B70.
  • B Series blade coatings include: HSS, Cobalt, TiN, Carbide, and Diamond.
  • Fits into basic plastic & aluminum handles.
  • Blades can be inserted longitudinally or radially.
  • Blades are available for right hand or left hand operation.