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Allen-Bradley, 42GRL-9000H, Photoelectric Sensor, 42G, Transmitted Beam Emitter - NEW IN BOX - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]

Allen-Bradley, 42GRL-9000H, Photoelectric Sensor, 42G, Transmitted Beam Emitter - NEW IN BOX

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Allen-Bradley, 42GRL-9000H, Series 9000, Photoelectric Sensor, 42G, Transmitted Beam Emitter, Infrared LED, 61 m Sensing Range, 2 m 600V Cable - NEW IN BOX


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    • Brand:  Allen-Bradley
      Connection Type:  2m (6.5ft) 300V cable
      Maximum Sensing Distance:  Depends on Fiber Optic
      Model Selection Information:  Selection for Series 9000 Diagnostic
      Receiver:  Transmitted Beam Receiver is not selected
      Sensing Mode:  Transmitted Beam
      Operating Voltage / Output Type:  DC - NPN and PNP
      Output Energized:  LO or DO selectable