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Eaton/Moeller FAZ-D4/1-SP Supplementary Circuit Breaker - NEW IN BOX - FreemanLiquidators - [product_description]

Eaton/Moeller FAZ-D4/1-SP Supplementary Circuit Breaker - NEW IN BOX

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Eaton/Moeller FAZ-D4/1-SP Supplementary Circuit Breaker - NEW IN BOX


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    UL 1077 DIN Rail Supplementary Protectors
    D Curve (10–20X In Current Rating)
    Designed for Inductive Loads

  • Product Selection
    FAZ D curve (10–20X In current rating)

    • - Designed for inductive loads
    • - Response time of instantaneous trip: 10–20X In current rating
    • - UL recognized and CSA Certified as supplementary protectors
    • - For international and domestic use (conform to IEC 60947-2)
    • - UL file number 177451

    Suitable for applications where high levels of inrush current are expected. Instantaneous trip is 10–20X rating of device (In). The high magnetic trip point prevents nuisance tripping in high inductive applications such as motors, transformers and power supplies.

    FAX B Curve Illustration

    Product Overview
    Optimum product quality, tested reliability and safety stand for best protection of personnel, installations and plant. Eaton’s FAZ-NA DIN rail mountable circuit breaker is designed for use in branch service applications.

    Application Description

    • - Supplementary protection
    • - Control circuits
    • - Lighting
    • - Business equipment
    • - Appliances

    Powerful offering for machine and system builders
    The FAZ is available with B, C, D, K, S, and Z characteristics in accordance with UL 1077, CSA C22.2 No.235 and IEC 60947-2. These devices are CE marked.


    • - Complete range of UL 1077 recognized DIN rail mounted miniature circuit breakers up to 63A current rating
    • - Standard ratings of 10 kAIC up to 277/480 Vac
    • - Current limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption that reduces the let-through energy, which can damage the circuit
    • - Suitable for supplementary protection
    • - Thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection
    • - Six levels of short-circuit protection, categorized by B, C, D, K, S, and Z curves
    • - Trip-free design—breaker can not be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position
    • - Captive screws cannot be lost
    • - Fulfill UL 1077, CSA C22.2 No.235 and also IEC 60947-2 Standard
    • - Field-installable shunt trip and auxiliary switch subsequent mounting
    • - Module width of only 17.7 mm (per pole)
    • - Contact position indicator (red/green)
    • - Easy installation on DIN rail
    • - Possibility for sealing the toggle in ON or OFF position