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SIEMENS 5SY4125-5 Miniature Circuit Breaker - NEW IN BOX

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SIEMENS 5SY4125-5 Miniature Circuit Breaker - NEW IN BOX


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  • Siemens' UL 1077 5SY4125-5 Supplementary Protectors are designed to provide additional protection along with a branch circuit protection device. Since these Supplementary protectors are made to trip faster than a standard UL 489 Circuit Breaker they are able to provide additional protection for more sensitive devices inside the panel. Supplementary protectors can be used in a number of industrial applications such as to provide selectivity for multiple motor control circuits on the secondary side of a control transformer or power supply by allowing the user to quickly find the problem circuit should a fault occur without having to shut down all of the other control circuits. Supplementary protectors may also be used as a local disconnecting means inside the panel when a branch circuit protection device is already present.

    The trip curve A characteristic of the 5SY4125-5 is designed to protect extremely sensitive circuits, for example those involving semiconductors. The magnetic trip point of these breakers is 2 to 3 times the In rating. The thermal trip point is 1.13 to 1.45 that of the protector rating.

    Technical Specifications
    • 5SY4125-5 Supplementary protectors are equipped with a delayed overload/ time-dependent thermal release (thermal bimetal) for low overcurrents and with an instantaneous electromagnetic release for high overload and short-circuit currents. The special contact materials used virtually guarantee a long service life and offer a high degree of protection against contact welding.


    Product Details
    Primary brand Siemens
    Main function Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
    Product series / family name SENTRON Series
    Sub-range name 5SY4
    Type Option = Standard (No options)
    Network frequency 50/60 Hz
    Functions Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
    Poles 1-pole (1P)
    Rated current 20A < In ≤ 25 A
    Rated current 25A
    Rated voltage (AC) 230Vac / 400Vac
    Rated impulse voltage (Uimp) 4 kV
    Connection type screw-clamp connections
    Poles 1P
    Tripping curve A
    Ultimate short circuit current breaking capacity (Icu) 10kA ≤ Icu < 20 kA
    Ultimate short circuit current breaking capacity (Icu) 20kA (230Vac / 400Vac)
    Short circuit current breaking capacity (Icn) 10 kA
    Size in modules (1 module = 18mm) 1 Module(s)
    Net Width (mm) 18 mm
    Mounting mode DIN rail
    Mounting mode DIN-rail
    Ambient air temperature for operation -40...+70 °C
    Ambient air temperature for storage -40...+75 °C
    Customs Tariff Number 85362010
    ETIM code 27141901 (eCl@ss 6)
    27141901 (eCl@ss 7.1)
    27141901 (eCl@ss 8)
    27141901 (eCl@ss 9)
    27141901 (eCl@ss 9.1)
    EC000042 (ETIM 4.0)
    EC000042 (ETIM 5.0)
    EC000042 (ETIM 6.0)
    EC000042 (ETIM 7.0)
    4897 (IDEA 4)
    Order code / Manufacturer SKU 5SY41255
    EAN code 4001869201085
    UNSPSC code 39121626 (UNSPSC 14)
    39121603 (UNSPSC 15)
    UPC code 754554875217
    Compliant with standard(s) IEC/EN 60898-1
    IEC/EN 60947-2
    Benefits Miniature circuit breakers from the SENTRON portfolio are simple to mount and install. The devices have a uniform design and; with the appropriate accessories; can be expanded by many additional functions. It has been design for industry; buildings or infrastructure - with our versatile portfolio; you will find a suitable miniature circuit breaker for any application.
    For circuits with motors or large lamps; semiconductors or strong pulse generating equipment such as transformers and solenoid valves - the 5SY and 5SP devices are optimized for industrial applications and are proven in use. The 5SY devices offer you top quality and functionality for installation in complex buildings and industry. With a rated breaking capacity of up to 25 kA; they are able to handle the most challenging requirements at a rated current of 0.3 to 80 A. Their special features includes = Dual-chamber terminals; Simple to detach without tools using sliding catches; Separate switching position indication; A wide range of accessories.
    Location of origin Germany
    Degree of pollution 3
    Manufacturer product status Commercialized