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Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R
Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R IN-STORE-PICKUP-ONLY - FreemanLiquidators
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R IN-STORE-PICKUP-ONLY - FreemanLiquidators

Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R IN-STORE-PICKUP-ONLY

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Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R 



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Viking 30″ Wine Storage Model #DFWB300R 



Temperature Control

    • Exclusive TriTemp Storage System provides three independent temperature zones

    • Preserves different types of wine at optimal serving temperatures

    • Settings are adjustable in each zone from 43 to 65 degrees F (6 to 18 degrees C)

    • Electronic Control Center constantly monitors and maintains the set temperature in each zone within 1.5 degrees F (.83 degrees C)

    • Exclusive glass control pad


    • 15 shelves accommodate up to 150 full-size wine bottles horizontally, keeping corks moist

    • Stores standard, magnum, and half-size bottles

    • Full-width shelves pull out for easy access and are fully removable for easy cleaning

    • Exclusive - two convertible wine shelves adjust to allow for bottle display and are excellent for allowing bottles to settle before serving

    • Shelves are coated to reduce vibration and hold bottles snugly in place

    • Solid maple facings may be finished to coordinate with surrounding cabinetry


    • Maintains constant 60% humidity level

    • Ultraviolet-resistant tempered glass and black interior protects wine from harmful light

    • Lower zone has raised maple facings to add additional ultraviolet protection

    • Low-intensity interior lighting

    • Displays wine with minimal heat and light output

    • Turns on when door is opened or by switch

    • High-temperature and open-door alarms may be connected to a home security system

    • Keyed lock on door for extra security

Easy Maintenance and Cleanup

    • Fully removable shelves for easy cleaning

    • Removable upper grille

    • Power interruption switch completely turns off power to unit for safe cleaning and light tube replacement

    • Front venting sealed refrigeration system works silently and efficiently

    • Adjustable-height lower kickplate removes to provide easy access to evaporator pan

Professional-Style Construction

    • Design and basic dimensions provide built-in appearance with standard cabinetry

    • Dual-magnet/spring assist door seal system automatically closes wine cellar door

    • Door stops are factory set at 110 degree swing; easily adjust to 90 or 120 degree swing